An investigation of the lives of the religious right–what you find at the outermost boundaries of Christianity.

Since 2006 Brian Miller has explored the rituals of small Pentecostalist congregations in New England and New York. Some of the faithful believe that they are able to perform miracles such as prophecy, glossolalia or speaking in tongues, faith healing, and ingesting poison without suffering any ill effects. According to their beliefs the truly holy must prove their righteousness by allowing the Holy Spirit to possess them and preform miracles such as these. Some even go so far as to risk life and health in the name of their faith, by taking up serpents. This practice, though illegal in many states, still continues and Miller was able to find some adherents who were willing to try and teach him the ordinance of taking up serpents. This series depicts his experience with some of those people and one snake.

Miller was born into a family of Pentecostalists but does not share their faith nor did he join the movement. 


//Brian Miller is an internationally known artist, writer, and curator. His photographs have been shown in many galleries and museums including the Smithsonian Institution, the Art Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto, Canada, the Heard Museum in Phoenix Arizona, and Studio 1504 in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. His work has also been published in numerous magazines and periodicals including Doubletake, Art New England, and Eyemazing Magazine. His sculptures have been exhibited at Raw & Co. Gallery, the Belskie Museum, the College of Saint Elizabeth, and currently at Brown University. His Curatorial Projects, including “Shadowplay” (co-curated with Virginia Beahan) and “Office Space” have received much critical acclaim with reviews in the Boston Globe, Art New England, and ARTScope Magazine.  Recent writing projects have been published in Eyemazing Magazine, White Hot Magazine and the London based online journal Contemporary Talks. His work has been reviewed in Art New England, ART News, Museums Magazine, and the Village Voice, among others. His work is in many public and private collections including the Heard Museum, the Hood Museum, and the Yale University Art Gallery.He received his BFA from the State University of New York, College at Purchase and his  MFA from Yale University.