Study of Man 

Man Transformed.

My work has covered, landscape, seascape, portraiture and collage. My latest work explores the juxtapositions of masculinity and vulnerability, along with the abstraction of form to create a series of bodyscapes. 

The studies play with culture’s designation of movement and the poses a male or female should take. The model’s forms relate to those found in fashion photography, but rather than a beautiful woman, the viewer is confronted by the male figure.

Along with this I’ve been influenced by my earlier landscape photography, finding the soft curves, sharp lines, and harsh light to create a mountainous landscape out of the muscular male form.  My work is not a demonstration of power and strength, but rather the demonstration of how muscle can portray a softer, vulnerable, organic, abstract form.

I am a Studio Art major focusing in Architecture and Photography. I became interested in photography during my time guiding canoe trips in Northern Ontario as I wanted to capture the natural beauty of the northern woods. 

After graduating I plan on attending Marine Corps OCS and upon completion to commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. While serving I would like to continue my photography and after to work as a photojournalist covering conflict zones.