Space Reexamined. 

White Piece, metal and spray paint

The third piece in my metal series. Originally two separate scuptures, the parts of the “White Piece” are meant to illustrate line weights through 3-dimensional forms. The shadows of both parts connect at the bottom of the corner’s fold, creating a sense of visual and conceptual cohesion.

My work plays upon the dynamic interactions between line and 3-dimensional forms to redefine the idea of geometric space. I take linear forms and turn them into intriguing studies on the creation of space by twisting orthogonal shapes into barely recognizable forms of their original, simpler ideas. 

The Yellow Pink Piece, metal and spray paint

The first in my metal piece series, this piece investigates the idea of volumetric cohesion while using system of connections to create a distinct arrangement of shapes. The color was used to make aspects of piece “pop,” emphasizing a visual progression throughout the piece.

My inspiration comes from growing up in New York City, and spending my summers camping in Maine. I am intrigued by systems, including the chaotic entropy of the modern urban landscape, and the vibrant composition of the natural environment.

Green Piece, metal and spray paint

The second piece in my metal series. This freestanding piece is another play on shifting geometric forms and line weights. The piece is meant to intrude the viewer’s physical space through its jutting edges, while simultaneously drawing the viewer in with its bound up composition below.

My process defines my art. All of my pieces are different, but each one abides by an overall system of dynamic space creation, arising from the synthesis of meticulously constructed maps, fractals, and welded forms. 

Inversion, hot glue, wire, and spray paint

This corner-mounted wall piece attemps to create a mini-environment through emulating shifting geormetric forms and voronoi map fractals.   The end result is a sculptural duality through which shadows play with physical wire patterns. 

I use a combination of metal, wood, and wire to create my pieces; the rectangles and squares that appear throughout my work become fractal composites of their former selves, adding dimensionality and depth to the conventional spatial void. 

Untitled, metal, wood and spray paint
My most recent work to-date. This piece also uses a system of connections to explore concept of volumetric cohesion, but also acknowledges the value of material diversity and efficiency. The interaction between the 3-dimensional form and its lines highlights a separate, but related, idea of space creation. 

My goal is to inspire the viewer to investigate the inner workings of created space from both a material and geometric standpoint.  For this purpose, I create art as a way of organizing and presenting aesthetic ideas in such a manner that places the viewer in between an unfamiliar geometric landscape and recognizable solid forms, causing one to question what it really means to exist in “space.”