As part of Mouth’s interest in the arts at Dartmouth, we feature exciting and creative student projects currently in the works. This issue, as part of our “Cutting Edge” theme, we’re thrilled to showcase the steel sculptures of Andoni Georgiou. Below this brief interview, you can click through pictures of his steel masterpieces.*

* The sculptures can be found displayed in the VAC. Credit for the photos: Sam Oh


What’s your artistic process like?

I look for form; I want a piece to be visually appealing. I don’t want the viewer to look at it for five seconds and be done—I want it to hold their attention through its aesthetics. Different artists have different styles, and a lot of the time mine changes. I don’t stray away from linear or strong lines, but I also try to create something that’s sumptuous and has nice curves. I like to want to touch it, I like the viewer to want to touch it, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be soft or smooth. I like art where the individual can look at it and question something about themselves; provoke some kind of thought that might change their behavior in some way.


What can you get from working with such an industrial material that you can’t get from a more organic material?

I’ve never worked with metal before this term. Steel is obviously very strong. Bold. Hard. Heavy. I started picking up the idea of working with it delicately; juxtaposing that with the strength. I’ve found that I like steel the most [of all the materials I’ve worked with]. It may sound strange, but it’s somewhat forgiving. Because of the nature of it, it doesn’t necessarily have to look perfect. For example, with some of the other materials I’ve worked with, like plaster, you can tell when something went wrong or when the artist tried to hide something. With metal, the aura of the piece—the dark color, harsh edges—is more forgiving.


Where do you want to take your steelwork, going forward?

I want to see what else you can do with it; if I can develop that as a media to work with and link all my pieces through that media and subject. I want to do more things with social meaning, I think that’s important to convey through your work.

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