Movie Watchlist 13F

We, your selfless editors here at Mouth, have compiled a not-quite-exhaustive-but-still-pretty-good guide to avoiding your Gov readings this term. As in here are some of the best movies showing in Hanover in the next 10 weeks. 

Dartmouth Film Society (Sept 19–Nov 17 on most Sundays and/or Thursdays)

DFS Passes, Individual Tickets, & Much Better Movie Descriptions Than I'm Providing Below

Four Werner Herzog films:

  • Encounters At the End of the World (Oct 10 @7PM) Werner Herzog's movie about the otherworldly people, creatures, and landscapes at the southernmost point of the Earth. Dude's got an excellent narration voice, and even something that, on the surface, is not much more than Planet Earth: Antartica ends up being memorable and weirdly excellent. Tickets & Information
  • Nosferatu the Vampyre (Oct 31 @ 7PM) Halloween showing of Werner Herzog's remake of a 1922 German silent film. Not your standard horror movie, but I won't say more than that. Tickets & Information
  • The Act of Killing (Nov 10 @ 4PM) From executive producer Werner Herzog, the same one you met two months ago, comes Joshua Oppenheimer's terrifying, icy documentary on members of the 1960s Idonesian death squads charged with slaughtering communists and communist sympathizers. Instead of your standard History Channel bullshit, Oppenheimer approached these men about creating a movie, a "fictional" movie, based on the same murders they committed in real life. And they agreed. Tickets & Information

And then some not-Herzog movies that are still worth watching. 

  • Singin' In the Rain  (Sept 29 @4PM) Sing along at ear-liquidating volume to this beautifully remastered copy of the best musical, like, ever. Better than Les Mis because Les Mis is the work of the devil.
  • Le Mépris  (Oct 13 @4PM) Oh what up French New Wave. Goddard plus Brigitte Bardot means you can walk away from this movie with a mind-blasting, friend-alienating superiority complex due to the fact that you just saw a film that's both French and  self-consciously artsy beyond all reasonable measure.
  • Ed Wood  (Nov 17 @4PM) This is a great movie about bad movies. And more specifically making bad movies. And also it's Tim Burton directing Johnny Depp (big surprise) and one of Depp's best performances to date. 

Telluride Film Festival at Dartmouth (Sept 20–26)

  • 12 Years a Slave (Sept 20 @ 5:15PM & 8:15PM) OK, not to be too much of a fanboy but Steve McQueen (no, not that Steve McQueen, this Steve McQueen) is one of the best directors working today. Shame, with Michael Fassbender as a sex addict living in NYC, and Hunger, about a prisoners' hunger strike in Northern Ireland, are incredible exercises in plodding, methodical, beautifully cinematic film. Think Paul Thomas Anderson's recent offerings, or even bits of Stanley Kubrick. Plus an incredible cast including Chiwetel Ejiofor (Children of MenAmerican Gangster), Michael Fassbender, Paul Giamatti, and Benedict Cumberbatch. I realize you missed the screening if you're reading this but come on. Watch. This. Movie. Tickets & Information
  • Actually all of these movies look fantastic. If you were to pick six movies to watch this fall then just do yourself a favor and buy a Telluride pass ($15 for students). Complete Listings, Tickets, Information, You Get the Drill By Now

Big-Time Box Office Stuff

The Hop also screens commercial movies throughout the term, which are entertaining and generally second-run stuff that went through megaplexes a few months ago. But you get six of these for free if you buy the DFS pass, so you might as well use them.

  • Pacific Rim (Sept 27 @ 7PM) From the same guy who brought you Pan's Labrynth comes Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: The Movie Based On the Children's Toy. Much better than the previews or IMDB rating or critics' reviews would lead you to believe, and plus I only thought about the atrocious Battleships: The Movie Based On the Children's Toy like once or twice. It's actually quite entertaining and a good way to unwind from all the seriousness & pretense of the Telluride Film Festival. I'm not linking to the trailer because I'm pretty sure it would make you run away from this movie as fast as your legs could carry you.
  • A Tribute to Pixar (Oct 13 @7PM) I actually have no idea what this'll entail, but the director and producer Monsters University will be there, and Pixar is be the perfect way to recapture the warm fuzzies you most certainly lost during Homecoming weekend.
  • Austenland (Oct 26 @5PM & 8PM) Jane Austen superfan spends her life savings on a trip to a Austen-themed camp for grownups. Trailer
  • The Spectacular Now (Nov 1 @7PM) This screams date movie. Written by the guys who did 500 Days of Summer, plus it has Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad so you never know if someone will start a multinational drug conglomorate by the end. Seriously, take the guy/ girl from your 10A. This is going to be adorable. Trailer
  • Don Jon (Nov 15 @7PM) Written, directed by, and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Gordon-Levitt conveniently cast Scarlett Johansson in a role which would require him (Gordon-Levitt) to have lots of on-camera pantomime sex with her (Johansson). You should probably watch this just to see Gordon-Levitt's blown-up face on the screen saying "you're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life." Swoon.Trailer

The Nugget: The only place in Hanover that does movies (sort of near or sometimes) at box office open. Honestly most of the big name movies for this fall look kind of atrocious, so here's a quick roundup of things you should avoid at all costs.

  • Last Vegas—Old, Academy Award-winning actors remake The Hangover with LMFAO. Kill me now. Trailer
  • Anchorman 2—Will never live up to the original, blah blah blah, watch it for free on any domestic flight between March 2014–December 2023. Trailer
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire—NOPE NOPE NOPE. Trailer
  • Gravity—Bear with me. Alfonso Cuaron is fantastic. Children of Men is one of my favorite movies of all time, and not just because Michael Caine grows strawberry-flavored weed in his house. That nearly-13-minute long single shot at the end of the movie is, like, offensively good. BUT, Sandra Bullock is objectively the worst, therefore avoid this movie. Trailer
  • Thor: The Dark World—I don't think any explanation is needed for this one. Trailer