This past summer I did a lot of self exploration, and realized that although I try to shrug it off, I'm an artist. I cannot shake this feeling that I have something to communicate, and the best way that I do that is through image. 

Liberated by this realization I now am faced with the far more daunting task of trying to figure out what that actually means. Great I'm an artist, now what?

I have no answer to this, but philosofarts have been a means for me to explore this question. I feel the modern artist has assumed the role of philosopher in many ways, as she strived to communicate the way she understands the world. I also had to acknowledge that I am full of shit and the sense of triviality that haunts my work, and honestly myself. So one day it hit me, philosofarts, toots of wisdom somehow perfectly summed up how I interact with the world. These are simultaneously silly, philosophical, grounded in art, deeply serious while slipping in a fart joke.

Please don't take them seriously. Please don't treat them flippantly. Simply enjoy these as one might watching clouds passing by in the sky.




Please click through some philosopharts here: