As part of Mouth’s interest in the arts at Dartmouth, we are thrilled to feature exciting and creative student projects currently in the works. This issue, we are delighted to present Vignettes, a photography project in which 14s Samantha Oh, Nicole Chiavacci, and Shauna Teevens explore interior spaces on our campus. With her keen eye for design and interior decoration, Sam’s images capture nooks and crannies where Dartmouth students spend their quieter moments.

What is the guiding idea behind this project?

The idea is to chronicle moments in Dartmouth's history. We love the idea of capturing a space and then returning another term to see how it has changed or stayed the same.

How did it come about? What was your inspiration?

The Selby. He's awesome. (

But beyond that, we have always noticed and appreciated the quirkiness of rooms at Dartmouth. Especially in frats, where you can get away with things accumulating over time. We love noticing what people leave behind, both out of laziness and also as a gift to the next person. Sort of like a bequest. The mix between tradition and personality is really interesting, and people actually do an impressive job of decorating. I think with the constant turn around at this school it is nice to have your room feel like your own space, even for only 10 weeks. It's worth the effort. Then there is always the challenge of working with what you have (a 17th century decrepit house) and bringing in the necessities of modern life to create both a cohesive space and functional space. 

Where do you see Vignettes going in the future?

Hopefully to launch this term and have a new post every week until the end of the year. The ultimate goal would be a beautiful coffee table book--complete with short interviews from each person we photograph. I think it could be a beautiful representation of Dartmouth from a unique perspective. 

-Nicole Chiavacci, Shauna Teevens, Sam Oh


Scroll through some of the spaces featured in Vignettes here: