Addressing The Memory of Tissue


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As part of Mouth’s interest in the arts at Dartmouth, we feature exciting and creative student projects currently in the works. This issue, we’re thrilled to showcase the work of Tommy Ford. Above this brief interview, you can click through pictures of his masterpieces.*

* The sculptures can be found displayed in the VAC

What’s your artistic process like?

Usually I find something to tinker with. I mess around for a while and let my unconscious mind take the pen, and get an idea from there. Sometimes inspiration comes from an idea that I’ve created over time. Other times, I have epiphanies, and those are more fun to elaborate on. How it all comes together is dependent on the material  

What have you learned over the years and what are some of the hardest challenges? 

If I’ve learned anything, it’s to pay attention to details.  Classmates and professors are also extremely helpful and open your eyes to all sorts of new ideas. Sculpture is definitely challenging to me. Right now, I’m recycling my philosophy reading and doing a bunch of drawings on the back of them with pastel. I’m also working on a few metal models to get an in idea of bigger sculptures down the line.

The hardest part is articulating thoughts into a form.

What do you hope viewers take away from your art?

Everyone takes something away different That’s satisfying to me if they’re able to do that. Sometimes the hardest part is talking about it. But as long as they’re continually interested, that’s satisfying.