Editor's Note

It always starts with a line. Artists are well aware of the power of the pencil mark. Whether it’s the mindless doodle that generates our next conceptual approach or the random few passes that get lost in the hundreds of pages of sketches (bundled haphazardly in our artist’s books or lying around the studio), words, images, ideas, dreams, and inspirations are laid out in graphite. Mark making is an essential component for artistic creation.

Writing in Pencil is about youthful mistakes, as well as not-so innocent ones, botched attempts, clean slates, redemption, and memory. After over a year of publishing, this term has provided an exciting opportunity for Mouth to go back to the drawing board as the first generation of editors hands the reins over to the new. We’ve gone live on Duotrope and Submittable, allowing Mouth to solicit submissions of visual and written content of all forms from beyond the bubble. In the next year we hope to expand our creative content to include more visual art, poetry, fiction, and things that won’t neatly fit into any of these categories.   

This cycle we got submissions about Venezuela, architecture, festering grudges, and perhaps our most extensive Art feature to date.



Gabriel Redel-Traub
Kate Thorstad
Lauren Sarner
Mac Simonson
Becca Rothfeld