A History of Labor

will work for dollars   for cents
for scratch  bones  pounds  pence  penance
sense  shekels  sentence  shelter  bread
four times two bucks an hour
four hours a day   four days a week
for the rest of my life
will sell knives   will pyramid scheme   will dress nice
will call during dinner   will door to door   will carry a knife
will work for peanuts   for pine nuts    for pineapple and cashew
will work for you for less than you pay others to do
will work force      will force out      will overseas 
will nonprofit    will not profit
won't trade but will eat for free
will burroughs   will suck for skrill
will test pills   will fuck for money
will call    good will    will drink on job
will of drunk god   will lift for tips   will pay check
won't background check    will shakespeare
will faulkner    won't dress appropriate
won't pass on purpose      will laundry and transit
will work for store credit     for college credit   
     for credit card necklaces   
will you have anything else with that, sir?
will work for a laugh  a smile  a blow job
                     an hour  an asshole  an alibi
will work for change
will blake will poem will spoke will yeats
will smoke will cold will banks will broke
will fold the will of a drunk god into my bones
though none of it
will work for me

previously published in muzzle magazine