Editors' Note

Mouth has cleared its second year. If publication years work like dog years, that means we’re about 14. 

So what is in the issue that marks the beginning of our adolescence? This cycle, Mouth turned to cities. We showcase two senior geography majors brave enough to pick out some threads from urban spaces’ inherent chaos. You’ll find poetry about working, about walking, and about looking. You'll also find a number of art features on senior studio art majors. We publish a travel journal, urban vignettes, two pieces about graffiti, thoughts on med school and sustainability, and a children’s story about pizza. 

Everybody knows Hanover's small size and relative isolation bring some benefits. Among them: the freedom to study away from urban distractions, the freedom to construct insular (and deep, and supportive) social groups, and the freedom to indulge in New Hampshire’s natural beauty.

But this issue reminds us that the city is seductive all the same. 



Charlie Rafkin

Mac Simonson

Nico Preti

Nikki Sachdeva

Noah Smith