Alcatel ONETOUCH Evolve Note

Talk about Philly and Feltonville
Problems with roommates,
Apartments, etc. (Kitchen and bathroom noises, gossip, definition of ocd because does it exist?, moments of anger because of them)
This is a therapy assignment because you can't afford sanity on an Americorps budget
Talk about skype and phone conversations, text messages, letters (combine all forms of interaction, possibly even store receipts)
Food stamps
Dance class
Electronic music descriptions
Book criticisms
Best moments.
Why it could matter
Why nothing matters
Why Lauryn runs for the hills
This is what depression could sound like
This is what anxiety could look like
Just start writing journal entries!
Lists compiled, grocery lists, ocd lists
Public transit
Explanations of class projects
Teaching styles on paper
Silent hand movements of approval.
Indian buffet. Mirrors.
Thoughts on the narcissism along with having a baby
Facebook comments on articles
Fire drills
Explanations of certain tap moves(via YouTube descriptions, even if they don't exist)
A working list of books I own
Conversations heard from the kitchen and bathroom
Second hand headphone
Reviews of movies I've seen or re-watched
The ineffectiveness of sorry
African american language or ebonics? (They aren’t the same)
Items I have to buy for roommates because I broke them.
My best papers from college that apply to now.
A book list of authors I want to read
Why I don't share but should
Why I can't finish decorating my room
Experiences outside of Philly, new years, dc, Princeton
Egg too young
The process of doing my hair
The attempt of vegetarianism
Recipes for bracelets and outfits and hairstyles
The experience of finding comfort, trying to find comfort, or never being comfortable