Editor's Note

As requiem moves to prayer, and meditation to elegy, the rhyme and reason of this issue is a reflection on the craft of writing, of making art, and of expression itself. 

This issue explores the loss of a loved one, the discourses of oppression, the value of self-mutilation, and the apocalypse of reason, all while it remarks on the sexiness of automated language, the absurdity of cover letters, and the comedic triumph of The Big Lebowski.

We are also proud to feature photography from award-winning Dartmouth Professors Virginia Beahan and Brian Miller, which you can find above in the new Arts section.

As the first issue created by the collaboration of the new editorial staff, Rhyme and Reason marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for Mouth. Specializing in everything from Math to Studio Art, this next iteration of Mouth is eager to bring you pieces that we think will challenge and elucidate, arrest and invigorate. We sincerely hope you enjoy what we've got for you this issue.





Charlie Rafkin

Mac Simonson

Nico Preti

Nikki Sachdeva

Noah Smith