Seekers Part II: Requiem

When I began counting the revolutions, I remember listening to my elders’ stories. We were alone seeking from gathering to gathering, and all around us were the remains. They described a time of great and special wanderers whose seeking was Reason and gatherings were a vast and united Society. My elders sang of how they met their end many revolutions ago in what came to be called the Great Departure–how this grand and unified society met its end. When I asked my elders why they had left, they would sing the Requiem, which has been passed down from seeker to seeker since the Departure. I still often find myself singing it during my walkabouts:

Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine
Tell me why have they left our Light,
Who they called Lord by many names,
and forged their World from the riches of its Nature.
What is the Reason of their Great Departure?
Did they find the abode of Eternal Light, 
or do they sleep in the Void of Dark?
Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine,
Tell me Why have they left our Light.

What is Reason,
Why have they Departed,
How should we Remain?

History reached back to the beginning of Time,
their elders once wrote, “In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with the Lord”
Temples were raised to house the Lord in the World,
and the eternal Words were there protected,
but then the Lord begot a seeker, and his name was Reason. 

Light left the temples of the Lord.
Reason found the Word in Number,
From the smallest elements to the vastness of the Night Sky.
Reason usurped the Throne of the Father,
and forged the Words of Absolute Truth.
The World became One under the Reason of Light.

Seekers from every corner of the World 
joined with Reason and made Society,
and together they forged the Modern Word.
The new Words harvested Power from Light, 
and with it explored the vast Void of Dark.
In the specter of Dark Entropy, 
Society finally gave birth to Light itself,
and Nature lost Light to Reason.

Why Have they Departed?
How should we Remain?

Reason and Society grew together
and their Light paved the way to the One Spirit.
The Laws of Society were Peace, Love, and Equality;
The Laws of Reason were Instrument, Experiment, and Truth.
Together the Laws begot the ordered One,
Where Light was the direct source of all Unity, 
and One Spirit held the Throne as Lord of Light.

The laws of the One Spirit transcended Time,
but the Throne of the Lord was built of Death.
One Spirit gathered its seekers and Departed. 
Reason and Society sacrificed One Spirit,
and the History of Light freed itself from the structure of Death.
The Spirit left the world that was One, 
and all that was left are the Remains.

How should we Remain?

We follow the Will to Seek.
Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine,
May the mark of those lost Remain,
and give us the Will to Seek through their Remains.
Light has not vanished us from the Dark
because the Sun will illuminate what Remains.
Time and Light are neither Beginning nor End,
but Will their fruit now for us to Seek. 
Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine

I woke up by the bank of the river repeating the last line of the Requiem. I thought about the question of why there was nothing under the Sun, and I was confident that the Elder’s will to seek in the old and mysterious raptures would enlighten my will too.