Editors' Note

I am going to explain what Limbo means to me. The challenge will be doing so without relying on semi-overdone ideas about sophomore summer. It's the ultimate "limbo," maybe—a between time earmarked for thinking through your past years and your future ones—but I promised the other editors that there were other reasons Limbo is relevant. 

For one, if the theological concept of limbo refers to that netherworld where unbaptized souls rest for eternity, what is Dartmouth but an expensive hotel for sacreligious activities—if the Huffington Post is to be believed, anyway. 

Not convinced yet? How about this: college itself is nothing but limbo. We reflect on our time here, we construct dozens of new majors/futures, and we move about, limboishly, from friendship to friendswithbenefitship and from class to party. Seems like a strong point in favor of our theme. 

The theme might not work out if "limbo" brings out images of the party game with 90s-era denim-wearing moms shouting "limbo, limbo, lim-bo!"—but otherwise, I think we're safe. 

Of course, the strongest testament to our theme choice is the issue itself—one of our best yet, featuring a number of new fiction pieces (how very summery), a personal essay about learning an unsavory truth from a handsome neuroscientist, a story where a girl loses her metaphorical freckles, and a chance to catch up with the best music of the year thus far.

Your summer editors,

Charlie Rafkin & Mac Simonson