American Idolatry

“Ooh say, can you SEE
by the dawn’s early light what so
proudly we”

“STOP, stop, please that is THE
worst Anthem I have EVER
heard. What's
next, the Star Strangled Banner?”
Cue laugh track, fade black.

Now hold up Simon C what
cult of celebrity put
YOU in charge? I’d
like to hear you sing a few bars
so I could interrupt you, harsh, like

enough, now, your
vocals are useless
your timing’s all wrong and your
accent is stupid; go back
to the UK, America’s for
Americans, not    
you, get                        
out you'll                                  
hey while we're ousting Simon, SWAT                                              
teams fly in, bind and                                                          
deport all the Mexicans                                                         
fence 'em in (on their dime) then                                                  
start The States from scratch again                                                
attract the best investors in                                                      
(we've got red white, and Green to spend)                                           
after all we're country A and got no                                                
time for debt limits or lids in-                                                     
stead we spend when law enforcement kills our kids                                   

But ignore it now, the lights                                                     
go on, it's time, the curtains                                                    
drawn unleash the quick wits                                                    
comedians do sick bits                                                          
on death or war or sickness                                                     

Behind the scenes,                                                           
senators turn tricks, trans-                                                     
fixed on oil pipe-dreams                                                      
to power their machines, that's                                               
why they start these                                                         

Holy Wars for influence,                                                    
take children out of innocence,                                             
we lose them to the infinite,                                               
when meanwhile the constituents                                           
hurl a hundred                                                                               
trillion pennies                                                        
at the problem                                     
then admit:                                                            
"Whoops! looks                                                         
like we messed that up, um                                                
pardon us our ignorance?"                                                

No we don't mind, we watch                                                 
Simon Scowl, arms-crossed,                                                 
judge of song and soul, so                                                  
THAT'S the new religion—favorite                                            
show, don't miss                                                         
an episode.