he’s taken but we don’t say
         she took him.

… I take myself to bed with the thought
that prior to the arms and other flesh
falling, the lips persuaded into parting,
as the mind leaves and does its serious cavorting,
those minutes before sleep are mine
to squander on worlds of penny wants.

[prefer this. Yank free each window and dress by dawning suns.
Weep for absent moons. Pen honest letters.
Purchase mangos. Own one Italian sentence.
Smash every mirror in a house. Forgive
the way hunger makes
this raised hand shake.]

… I sit legs resting, everything listening,
opened, thinking, hard
on what he tells me, keeping pace with the questions
my mouth unhooks itself, as fishermen do fish, admitting,
desiring. (tongue visits each tooth, sulky)
I desire, I don’t! but I really want          I can’t
say. He stares,
not unkindly.