Sign Cannon

Child of Africa,
          through twilight 
we will lay, and 
          watch the stars 
reappear amidst us
          Rare feat 
of this age -
          I implore you 
to entertain my breath,
          as I sit 
quietly -
          to breathe you in

The commonest feat of this age 
          was the giving, but 
in giving, 
          retreated the stars

The stars of our fathers, 
          guiding, watching -
providing souls 
          with fleeting glimpses 
of existence

We exist in many selves,
          each exists equal to the next,
and each is privileged by the next

My selves and soul
          gallop on open plains, 
muscles hardening -
          and with strength!
Though charcoal sky or 
          lightning or 
as if battling
          the mind - 
The gallop incessant!
          Though stranger winds or 
cracked sea bed or 
          darkened valley
 - journey, exodus, or migration - 
          the gallop persistent!
Though lonesome, 
          though accompanied,
through the banyan tree,
          I welcome all in gallop
Joyful stampede of identities -
         The gallop eternal!

(To find one is to find all,
        and I am searching)

Great migrations 
         of monarchs, 
         and songs
As if the charmed moon sang, 
Exploration etched into the sky -
          as soul maps
          How necessary they seem now

Starless child,
I explore my breath
          Come closer:
I invite you to share this burden
I explore my breath
            And in repetition
I find that which remains 
            past exhalation
Come closer:
            I invite you to share this burden

How petty of me 
           not to notice 
the signs
            How horrid of me 
to waste these
           21 years

(All they had given,
          one thing they stole)

But you have my stars -
          hidden amongst breaths,
as rain filters
         into the city
A flowering of stars 
and elusive -
          silently demanding recognition

In night -
          subtle night
caressing naked flesh - 
         I will recognise the stars
And in day -
         powerful day -
I will recognise the rivers,
         which are
the waterfalls, are
the ocean basins, are
the puddles, are
the city rain, are
surfaced finally -
          by star-bound
vessels searching -
         inexorably burning
bright along
          the dusty, mad-path