Ways to Deal with Daily Mass Shootings

1) Put it in perspective.
Mass shootings may occur on average once a day. But the Spanish Influenza killed 50,000,000 people.

2) A mindfulness coloring book.
Your childhood is over and your innocence gone, but infantilizing yourself can be as easy as purchasing an adult coloring book.

3) Swap out coffee for tea.
Is that horror, or is it just coffee nerves? Try soothing camomile for a week-long coffee cleanse. 

4) Make your own scented candles.
Nothing will make you forget the latest in a long stream of mass shootings like a simple candle made of wax, essential oils, and angry tears.

5) Nihilism.
A cost effective option!
6) Get into ambient music.
Many people find music to be therapeutic. Try John Cage’s “4’33”” which features four and a half minutes of soul-crushing silence, performed in three movements.

7) Kitten calendar.
Why not?

8) Watch Adam Sandler movies.
Can't be worse than watching the news.

9) Contemplate Zen koans.
Can’t be worse than reading the news. 

10) Move to another country.
A less cost effective option!

11) Binge watch Netflix.
There’s no gun violence in the new season of Portlandia. That was a guess, but now you have to watch the entire season to find out for sure. 

12) Cry.